11-03-2014 Agenda and Minutes - Standard




NOVEMBER 3, 2014

5:30 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments


Financial Report

Appropriation Ordinance

Business Items:

Resolution for “Kansas Pride Program”

Water/Sewer Rates

Monthly Public Works Report

*****PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject to additions or changes as may
be necessary.



The Governing Body of the City of Silver Lake met in regular session at city hall on Monday evening November 3, 2014 with Mayor Mack Smith conducting the meeting and the following Councilmembers present: Nancy Bryant, Tim Kampsen, David Linderman, Tom Noble, Heath Robinson (5) Absent: None.

Motion was made by Councilman Noble and seconded by Councilman Linderman that the minutes from the last regular session held on October 20, 2014 be approved.

Councilmember Bryant presented the monthly financial report.

Claim voucher was submitted to the council for appropriation. An ordinance entitled "An ordinance appropriating money to pay certain claims" was introduced and read at length. Motion was made by Councilman Noble and seconded by Councilman Robinson that said ordinance be accepted as read and was then placed on final passage by roll call of the following vote: AYE: Nancy Bryant, Tim Kampsen, David Linderman, Tom Noble, Heath Robinson (5) NAY: None. Ordinance was declared passed and was given No. 2281.

Public Works Superintendent Taylor reported that they have installed the basketball goal that a Silver Lake resident donated to the city and that it is getting used on a regular basis.

Motion was made by Councilmember Bryant and seconded by Councilman Robinson to approve the 2015 Entry Government Resolution for the Kansas PRIDE Program. There is no financial obligation but this resolution does pledge support and cooperation in carrying out the requirements of the Kansas PRIDE Program.

Discussion was held concerning a water/sewer rate increase for 2015. Several increase options were discussed as council agrees that the city needs to have consistent higher net revenues to meet the continuing increase in expenses and the need for upgrading/replacement of infrastructure. Motion was then made by Councilman Linderman to increase the usage of water over and above the 1,000 gallons included in the minimum charge from $4.25 to $4.75 and to increase the sewer charge from $17.75 to $19.25. This increase will go into effect for water consumed after January 1, 2015. Motion was seconded by Councilman Noble and was then placed on final passage by roll call of the following vote: AYE: Nancy Bryant, Tim Kampsen, David Linderman, Tom Noble, Heath Robinson (5) NAY: None. Ordinance was declared passed and was given No. 2282.

Public Works Superintendent Taylor presented the monthly public works report that was prepared by Public Works Assistant Smith.

Councilman Linderman mentioned that there may possibly be a beaver dam causing a backup near the lagoon. He will follow up on this sometime this week.

Police Officer Snyder informed council that the D.A.R.E. Hot Dog Roast went well although attendance was down just a little bit. Mayor Smith thanked everyone that assisted with this event and for all of their hard work in continuing to make it a success. Snyder noted that once again, Topeka Blueprint graciously made the thank you board that is displayed at the roast to advertise all of the donors.

Chief Call will present the monthly police report at the next meeting.

Motion was made by Councilman Noble that Public Works Superintendent Taylor schedule preventative maintenance for the wells with the cost not to exceed $800.00. Motion was seconded by Councilmember Bryant and approved.
Regular session November 3, 2014 cont’d.

The adjoining property owner west of the police station has inquired about paving the dirt/gravel area between the buildings. No action was taken.

Public Works Superintendent Taylor reminded council that Public Works Assistant Smith’s six (6) month probation ends on November 16, 2014. Council will address a possible pay adjustment at the next meeting.

Assistant City Clerk Gowin told council that the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony is scheduled for December 2, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. This ceremony will be held at the Silver Lake Community Building.

Public Works Superintendent Taylor has scheduled repair service to Lift Station No. 1 for 9:30 A.M., Thursday, November 6, 2014.

A letter has been received from the League of Kansas Municipalities regarding several errors in two (2) sections of the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities, edition of 2014. City Attorney Luckman indicated that no action needs to be taken at this time as these errors will be corrected when the 2015 edition is approved.

Councilman Robinson reported that Westar Energy Green Team with the assistance of the local boy scouts will be planting trees in Little Lake Park at 3:30 P.M. on November 13, 2014. Public Works Superintendent Taylor will assist in marking possible locations for these trees. He will also meet with an individual that has some concerns about where these trees should be planted.

Councilmember Bryant told council that she would not be able to attend the meeting scheduled for December 1, 2014. Councilman Robinson also indicated that he would not be able to attend this meeting.

The Kansas Department of Health & Environment has accepted the last pay request for the Pump Station #1 and #2 Rehabilitation Project. The request was from PEC in the amount of $11.034.70.

Mayor Smith reported that the city’s share of the soybean crop has been sold and payment has been received.

A letter has been received from Kaw Valley Electric advising that they have entered into a Cooperative Alliance with Leavenworth-Jefferson Electric Cooperative, headquartered in McLouth, Kansas.

Mayor Smith reminded council that the next meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2014 at 5:30 P.M. The following meetings are scheduled for December 1, 2014 and December 15, 2014 at 5:30 P.M. At the next meeting council will discuss employee salaries and benefits for 2015.

With no further business to come before council, Councilman Noble moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:20 P.M.  Motion was seconded by Councilman Linderman and approved.

Darlene M. Stadler,
City Clerk