06-18-2012 Agenda and Minutes - Standard




JUNE 18, 2012

5:30 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments


Appropriation Ordinance

Business Items

Lift Station Project

2013 Budget

*****PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject to additions or changes as may
be necessary.



The Governing Body of the City of Silver Lake met in regular session at city hall on Monday evening June 18, 2012 with Mayor Mack Smith conducting the meeting and the following Councilmembers present: Nancy Bryant, David Linderman, Larry Ross (3) Absent: Tim Kampsen, Tom Noble (2).

Motion was made by Councilmember Bryant, seconded by Councilman Linderman and approved that the minutes from the last regular session held on June 4, 2012 be approved as amended.

Claim voucher was submitted to the council for appropriation. An ordinance entitled "An ordinance appropriating money to pay certain claims" was introduced and read at length. Motion was made by Councilman Linderman and seconded by Councilman Ross that said ordinance be accepted as read and was then placed on final passage by roll call of the following vote: AYE: Nancy Bryant, David Linderman, Larry Ross (3) NAY: None. Ordinance was declared passed and was given No. 2206.

A Silver Lake resident was present and advised that the block that he lives on would like to have a block party in August. He wanted to know if they need approval from the city to have a block party. Chief Call told him he needs to submit a request to him and he will make contact with the other residents on this street to make sure that no one has a problem with this.

Utility Superintendent Kalcik and Building/Grounds Superintendent Taylor will be meeting with PEC Engineers tomorrow to get an update on the Upgrade/Replacement of Pump Stations #1 and #2 Project.

The city has also received a report from PEC Engineers for the field study they did at the intersection of Walnut and Aquarius. This study addresses drainage concerns at this intersection. The pavement exhibits deterioration that they believe is attributed to poor drainage in this area. Their estimated cost to improve the drainage in this area is approximately $40,000.00. No action was taken at this time due to the estimated cost of this project.

City employees presented a list of items that they would like included in the 2013 Budget. These lists will be forwarded to City Accountant Annette Fiedler so she can prepare the draft budget prior to the next meeting. City Clerk Stadler advised that several employees included a transfer to the Equipment Reserve Fund. These transfers will be made at the end of the year and only if there is money remaining in the budget that allows for this transfer. They would like to use this fund to set aside money for future vehicle purchases.

Council was reminded that the bid letting for the 2012 Street Repair Project will be held at 5:00 P.M. on July 2, 2012.

A local resident that received a notice that he is in violation of the weed ordinance has mowed his property.

Rossville Cub Scout Pack 99 sent a letter to the police department thanking them for teaching a Bicycle Safety Course.

Chief Call reported that he has received a grant for fifty (50) free bicycle helmets.

Mayor Smith reminded council that the next meeting is scheduled for July 2, 2012 at 5:30 P.M. The following meeting will be held on July 16, 2012 at 5:30 P.M.

With no further business to come before council motion was made by Councilman Linderman, seconded by Councilman Ross and approved that council adjourns at 6:15 P.M.

Darlene M. Stadler, City Clerk