08-06-2012 Agenda and Minutes - Standard




AUGUST 6, 2012

5:30 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments


Financial Report

Appropriation Ordinance

Business Items

Past Due Water/Sewer Account

Monthly Police Report

Monthly Public Works Report

2013 Budget Hearing – 6:00 P.M.

Proposed Tower Lease Agreement

*****PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject to additions or changes as may
be necessary.



The Governing Body of the City of Silver Lake met in regular session at city hall on Monday evening August 6, 2012 with Mayor Mack Smith conducting the meeting and the following Councilmembers present: Nancy Bryant, Tim Kampsen, David Linderman, Tom Noble , Larry Ross (5) Absent: None.

Mayor Mack Smith gave council an update on progress being made by Cox Communications to provide cable service in Silver Lake. He was advised that they have an estimated completion date of August 30, 2012.

Motion was made by Councilman Noble, seconded by Councilmember Bryant, and approved that the minutes from the last regular session held on July 16, 2012 be approved as presented.

Councilmember Bryant presented the Finance Report thru July 31, 2012.

Claim voucher was submitted to the council for appropriation. An ordinance entitled "An ordinance appropriating money to pay certain claims" was introduced and read at length. Motion was made by Councilman Noble and seconded by Councilman Ross that said ordinance be accepted as read and was then placed on final passage by roll call of the following vote: AYE: Nancy Bryant, Tim Kampsen, David Linderman, Tom Noble, Larry Ross (5) NAY: None. Ordinance was declared passed and was given No. 2209.

Mayor Mack Smith requested council to direct the city clerk to forward a tenant’s unpaid water bill to the property owner. City Clerk was so directed.

Council reviewed the July Police Report submitted by Chief Call.

Russell Kalcik, Utility Superintendent submitted the Public Works Monthly report for July.

A lease proposal by Kansas Broadband Internet was discussed. City Attorney Hanson cited several areas in the proposed lease agreement that he feels need to be clarified before the City considers approving it. Also, since Verizon, who has leased tower space for a number of years is anticipating an increase in their tower needs, it is felt this request needs to be given priority. Council directed City Attorney Hanson to contact Kansas Broadband to clarify the lease agreement to his satisfaction before Council attempts to approve or deny the agreement.

Building/Grounds Superintendent Taylor proposed to council that he obtain quotes for materials needed to complete a shade/shelter area at Little Lake Park. Several Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Fighters and City Employees have offered to erect the shelter with volunteer labor. City liability for those workers was discussed.

Superintendent Taylor has received complaints from some residents and has also witnessed, first hand, negligence on the part of drivers to yield to pedestrians waiting at the crosswalks at Chestnut and both Pottawatomie and Lake Street. Councilmember Kampsen also voiced his concern. Additional signage was discussed but it was felt, from discussions in the past on this subject, that we are limited by KDOT regulations. Chief Call was directed to contact KDOT and see if they would consider additional signage and, if they won’t, request permission for the city to add additional signs. Chief Call is also checking into a grant through Safe Kids Coalition for push-button pedestrian lights. In the event there are no grants available or if the city is not eligible to receive grant money for this project, he was further directed to obtain an estimate for these lights.

Regular session August 6, 2012 cont’d.

The attention of all present was called to the published notice given for the 2013 Budget Hearing. There was no one present to question the published 2013 Budget. Mayor Smith complimented council members and staff for their assistance and cooperation in making some tough choices so there will be no raise in the mill levy in 2013. Motion was made by Councilmember Bryant and seconded by Councilman Noble to approve the 2013 Budget as published. Motion carried. Public Hearing was then closed and council resumed the regular council meeting.

Utility Superintendent Kalcik reported that the light atop the new water tower recently burned out and when the tower company replaced the bulb, they informed him that the sensor that turns it on at night and off in the morning is no longer working. Replacement cost for this sensor would be approximately $250 plus the cost of labor to install it (approximately $100.00). Councilman Noble moved, Councilman Kampsen seconded, and it was approved to replace the sensor.

Mr. Alex Darby with Professional Engineering Consultants informed Utility Superintendent Kalcik that a Notice of Hearing needs to be published at least 30 days prior to the hearing for the upgrade of the Silver Lake Wastewater Pump Stations #1 and #2. He plans to get the notification of the Public Hearing to be held at 6:00 P.M. on September 17, 2012, to the Metro News by their noon Thursday deadline for publication on Monday, August 13th.

Utility Superintendent Kalcik reported that council also needs to be thinking about a sewer rate increase which will be necessary in order to qualify for the KDHE loan for this sewer project. After discussion, it was moved by Councilman Noble, seconded by Councilman Ross, and approved that the city impose a $1.00 per month sewer rate increase to cover the $600,000 Sewer Pump Upgrade Project. The new rates will go into effect January 1, 2013.

Chief Call reported that Utility Superintendent Kalcik, Building/Grounds Superintendent Taylor, Public Works Employee Miller and himself worked on a water leak on Saturday. He also reported that Councilman Ross also pitched in to assist for awhile.

Chief informed Council that the first day of school is August 15th. School signs have been programmed and should be on August 8 (one week prior to school beginning). Pedestrian crosswalks will all be repainted except for those on Highway 24. Those will not be repainted until KDOT finishes their US24 Highway Project.

Chief Call announced that City-Wide Garage Sales will be September 7 and 8. He has arranged for two (2) bicycle patrol officers from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department and has spoken to the School Resource Officer to assist in traffic control on those days. He asked permission to provide lunch to buy those helping. Council approved that request.

Chief told Council that the first football game is the last Friday in August. He has made arrangements with the high school for extra security for football games.

City Attorney Hanson questioned Utility Superintendent about the status of the 2012 Street Repair Project. Bettis has completed the overlay and patchwork. The only thing left is to measure areas patched. Attorney Hanson complimented everyone that the 2012 project has been completed in 2012, and before the start of school.

City Attorney Hanson & Mayor Mack Smith met with KDOT Chief Counsel regarding the survey they are doing at Highway 24 and Thomas Road. KDOT will now complete a traffic survey at that location for use in determining solutions to visibility problems there. KDOT outlined several options they will be looking at once the survey is complete.
Regular session August 6, 2012 cont’d.

Kansas League of Municipalities currently has our city code for final revision. The City should be receiving a “clean” code to review soon.

The City has received a request from Verizon to add additional antennas to the new water tower. City Attorney Hanson has reviewed their proposed revised lease agreement. Attorney Hanson says he is under the assumption that Verizon is aware that additional antennae will also mean additional fees. Since Attorney Hanson does not feel he is qualified to assess what rental space for these towers is worth he would like council to consider consulting with a company other clients have worked with to complete a survey/appraisal specifically for our City, which should help us know what tower space in this vicinity is really worth. After discussion it was moved by Councilman Linderman, seconded by Councilman Ross and approved for Attorney Hanson to contract with “Steel in the Air” for a survey/appraisal for the purpose of assigning water tower lease rates. The cost for this survey should not exceed $1200.00. Gary also informed council that Verizon’s engineers have provided us with a technical report that includes schematics and specifications that, at some point in time, we may want city engineers to review.

Councilman Linderman complimented Building/Grounds Superintendent Taylor on the bright new shirts he recently purchased.

Councilman Ross thanked Utility Superintendent Kalcik for smoothing out some chunks of blacktop left behind by Bettis.

Councilman Ross also felt after working with Chief Call, Utility Superintendent Kalcik and Superintendent Taylor on the water leak Saturday, the city might benefit from some new tools, particularly a portable pneumatic wrench. Mayor Smith explained that each employee has discretion on how his/her budget will be spent.

Councilmember Bryant mentioned that the Silver Lake Housing Authority Board is interested in Cox’s projected start date. That is being projected by Cox to be August 30, 2012.

Mayor Smith called attention to the weed notice included in their packet of information for the meeting.

Mayor Smith attended a recent Heartland Visioning Meeting.

Mayor Smith announced that he will be unable to attend the Council Meeting September 5th at 5:30 P.M. Council President Bryant will be able to preside over that meeting.

Councilmember Bryant will be unable to attend the Council Meeting October 1st at 5:30 P.M. Council members were urged to notify the city clerk when they are not able to attend a particular meeting to assure we have a quorum at every meeting.

With no further business to come before council it was moved by Councilman Noble, seconded by Councilman Linderman and approved to adjourn at 7:05 P.M.

Janie Kay Gowin
Assistant City Clerk