Silver Lake Police Officer Bios

Chief Marc McCune

Chief McCune started his law enforcement career in 1980 as a police officer with the Winfield, Kansas police department.  In 1984 he was accepted to become a state trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol, where he served for twenty-eight years, attaining the promotional ranks of Master Trooper and Lieutenant before retiring as a Troop Commander at the rank of Captain in 2012.  During his career with the patrol, his duty stations included Troop E, Ulysses, Troop B, Topeka, Troop A, Kansas City, Troop G, KS Turnpike, Troop K, Topeka, Troop B, Atchison, and two years as a Task Force Agent with the FBI on their Violent Crime/Street Gang Strike Force. He attended the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in 1981, Cowley Community College in 1982, where he earned his EMT credentials, and later completed the Kansas Highway Patrol Academy in 1984, the FBI Executive Leadership Development Course, United States Army Leadership Education Training and Development, the Kansas Law Enforcement Administration and Management Training and Kansas Highway Patrol Leadership training.

After retiring, Chief McCune worked as a Special Agent with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, Chief of Police for the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department, Kansas Army National Guard, and Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas Department of Revenue, Office of Special Investigations before coming to Silver Lake.

He is a member of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, the Kansas Peace Officer’s Association, where he served on the Executive Board, and the Kansas State Trooper’s Association, where he served as a past Troop Director, Secretary, and Vice President, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police where he served as the Vice Chair of the Capitol Police Section.

Officer Doug Ashcraft

Doug embarked on his distinguished Law Enforcement journey in 1987, commencing his service as a Patrolman at the Holton Police Department. His dedication to public safety was evident from the start, as he concurrently pursued certification as a Fire Fighter, showcasing his commitment to community welfare.

In a testament to his exemplary performance and leadership skills, Doug ascended to the rank of Sergeant in 1990, demonstrating his proficiency in maintaining law and order. Notably, his passion for justice extended beyond the patrol car, as he concurrently served as a Municipal Judge in Denison, Circleville, and Corning, Kansas, from 1993 to 1996.

In 1996, Doug's unwavering commitment and expertise were once again recognized with a promotion to the position of Lieutenant. His dedication to continuous improvement led him to attain Certification as a K-9 Handler through training with the prestigious Kansas Highway Patrol, showcasing his adaptability and versatility within the field of law enforcement.

Since 2009, Doug has been an integral part of the Silver Lake, Kansas, community, providing steadfast service as a law enforcement officer. Beyond his role in traditional policing, Doug invests 40 hours each week as a School Resource Officer in the Seaman Schools, demonstrating his commitment to fostering a safe and supportive learning environment for students.

In summary, Doug's extensive and diverse experience, coupled with his tireless dedication to community safety and education, make him a valued asset to the law enforcement profession and the communities he serves.

Officer Devin Maxwell

Certified as a Law Enforcement Officer since 2018, Officer Devin Maxwell graduated from the prestigious Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) as a member of Class 252. With a career primarily based at the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office, Officer Maxwell has seized numerous opportunities for professional growth and service.

In the role of a Field Training Officer (FTO), Officer Maxwell plays a crucial part in shaping the next generation of law enforcement professionals. This involves providing guidance and training to both lateral transfers and new graduates from KLETC. Beyond his responsibilities as an FTO, his commitment to specialized skills and teamwork is evident through his active participation in the SWAT Team, showcasing a dedication to handling critical situations with precision and care.

Officer Maxwell's contribution to law enforcement extends to enhancing skills as a LEDT Driving Instructor, emphasizing the importance of safe and effective vehicle operation in the line of duty. Additionally, as a union steward and member of the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Labor Council, he advocates for the rights and well-being of his fellow law enforcement professionals.

In 2023, Officer Maxwell expanded his community service by taking on the role of a Part-Time Officer with Silver Lake, further diversifying his experience and strengthening connections with the residents of the area.

Overall, Officer Devin Maxwell's multifaceted roles within the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office and Silver Lake reflect his commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and a steadfast dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the communities he serves.