About Us

The City of Silver Lake is a third-class municipality located approximately eight miles west of Topeka on US Highway 24. The City operates with a Mayor/City Council form of government and currently has six full-time employees. The latest census figures show 1,327 residents in the City of Silver Lake.

The City of Silver Lake boasts the following businesses: a library, two banks, a grocery store with a deli, two gas stations with convenience items and food, Chinese restaurant, Mexican restaurant, a nutritional shake shop, a pizza parlor, an event venue, a liquor store, a beauty shop, a barber shop, a laundromat, an auto repair shop, an accountant’s office, a certified financial planner, a chiropractor, a veterinary clinic, a self-storage facility, apartment complexes, and a car wash. We also have several businesses on the fringe of the city: a hardware store, a siding and window sales and installation business, and a seamstress/wedding consignment shop.

There is currently one church located in the city-Silver Lake United Methodist Church. The Lakeside Southern Baptist Church is located just outside of city limits to the west of Silver Lake, and The Silver Lake First Baptist Church is located just outside of city limits to the North of Silver Lake.

The 2022 enrollment in the elementary school is 358, and junior high/high school enrollment is 331.