Liz Steckel - City Clerk
Mar 10, 2023
Greenbush will Return for Strategic Planning Session with City Council on April 3rd
Strategic Planning Session for City CouncilGreenbush will return to the City of Silver Lake for a Strategic Planning Session with City Council. Councilmembers will be presented with the data from a Community-Wide survey that has been conducted in Silver Lake. The public

Mar 09, 2023
Silver Lake Police warn drivers of speed limit change on Highway 24
Liz Steckel - City Clerk
Jan 17, 2023
Silver Lake Caught in the Act!
Silver Lake-Caught in the Act of KindessThere is Kindness all around us, and the souls that show it are often among the bravest! I want to highlight acts of kindness right here in our little hometown.
[image]News/Briggs Kruger & neighbor helping out-small.jpg[/i

Dec 19, 2022
Officials grant girl's request to keep unicorn
Rules are rules. Animal control officials in Southern California have granted permission for a little girl to keep a unicorn at home, provided she follows strict guidelines.
Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control this week shared a letter it received from a child
Liz Steckel - City Clerk
Dec 13, 2022
Another Rainbow over Silver Lake
Downtown Silver Lake caught a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow around noon on December 13th, 2022. Photo credit to Silver Lake Bank.
[image]News/City Hall Rainbow smaller.jpg[/image]
Again, on the afternoon of February 14th, Silver Lake was blessed with a rainbow o