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City of Silver Lake Introduces Enhanced Public Comment Procedure: A Servant Leadership Perspective

1/10/2024 5:13:00 PM

In an effort to enhance effective communication, the City of Silver Lake will be implementing an improved procedure for handling public comments during Council meetings. This initiative aims to foster a more responsive and citizen-focused approach to governance.

The City Council seeks to clarify the purpose of the public comment period. It serves as a valuable means for the public to communicate with the Council, allowing residents to contribute meaningful input that should be thoughtfully considered in the decision-making process. This platform provides the Council an opportunity to hear various perspectives and ideas.

Guided by a commitment to servant leadership, the City Council is dedicated to promptly addressing concerns raised during meetings. To achieve this, if a matter is suitable for immediate discussion, the Council may amend the agenda on the same night to explore potential solutions. Conversely, for more complex issues requiring additional time or information, they will be thoughtfully scheduled for discussion at the subsequent Council meeting. This approach ensures ample time for information gathering, solution deliberation, and decision-making aligned with the best interests of the City and its residents.

For any clarifications or inquiries, residents are encouraged to contact the City directly at or by phone at 785-582-4280. Official City updates are available on the City of Silver Lake, Kansas Facebook page or the City's official website.

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The City Council appreciates the community's collaboration in establishing a more effective and citizen-focused process. Together, the City of Silver Lake aims to create a community where input is valued, residents feel heard, and decisions are well-informed.

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