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From Challenge to Change: Silver Lake's Ongoing 2024 Initiatives

1/31/2024 1:44:00 PM

In the midst of 2024, the City of Silver Lake is actively implementing initiatives to forge a more connected and resilient community. Prompted by a water shut-off incident that occurred last year and led to a boil advisory, the City Council is executing decisive steps to enhance communication, safety protocols, and service efficiency.

Communication Initiative: Cutting-Edge Emergency Notification System, Updated Contacts, and Modernized Billing

Breaking ground in communication strategies, the City has introduced an advanced Emergency Notification System. Residents are urged to provide their current email and phone contact information, constituting a robust system for swift and critical communication during emergencies. This initiative ensures residents stay informed and safe, addressing the lessons learned from the incident last year.

Simultaneously, in line with the emergency contact update, the City is embracing modernization through email billing. This initiative aims to streamline the billing process, providing residents with a more efficient and timely method for receiving utility bills. The focus is on convenience and a more effective communication framework.

Water Infrastructure Initiative: Cutting-Edge Property Water Lines Inventory

To meet federal regulations and enhance water infrastructure, Silver Lake is actively conducting a comprehensive survey on property water lines. Residents and businesses have received the survey, available through mail and online via QR code. This data collection is pivotal for maintaining and improving the city's water infrastructure, ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality water services.

In appreciation of community involvement, residents returning the water lines survey will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win free water service. Actively participating in the surveys is crucial, underlining the importance of promptly updating contact information.

Residents are encouraged to visit or call City Hall at 785-582-4280 to provide their information, actively participating in shaping the success of these ongoing initiatives.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support as we witness the transformation of Silver Lake in the unfolding year of 2024. 🌐📧🚨

***The water lines survey has been dispatched to all residents and businesses in the City and is also accessible online via QR code for convenient completion.

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