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New Leadership Takes the Helm in Silver Lake: A Promising Start for 2024

1/6/2024 6:49:00 AM

On January 4th 2024, Silver Lake welcomed its newly elected Mayor, Jonah Bishop, alongside Councilmembers Kenneth Wade and Michael Hamilton, as they officially assumed their new roles in Government. The inaugural meeting, held Thursday night, marked the beginning of a new era for the City of Silver Lake.

The evening began with the administration of the Oaths of Office, laying the groundwork for a session focused on vital municipal matters. Mayor Bishop, made strategic appointments to capitalize on the wealth of experience within the Council. Veteran Councilmembers Brad Bryant, Larry Ross, and Jake Fisher retained their positions, with Bryant overseeing Finance, Ross presiding over Law, and Fisher managing Water affairs. New Council member Michael Hamilton assumed the responsibility for Parks with an additional role serving as the Assistant Finance Commissioner. While new Council member Kenneth Wade, was entrusted with the roles of Street Commissioner, Assistant Law Commissioner, and Council President, demonstrating a commitment to diversified expertise within the leadership.

The introduction of a cross-training initiative was a noteworthy highlight of the meeting, fostering an environment where Commissioners can gain experience and be reassigned if needed in the future. Mayor Bishop's forward-thinking approach aims to enhance the efficiency and adaptability of our city government.

Mayor Bishop and Councilmember Michael Hamilton voluntarily opted not to receive pay, choosing to contribute back to the city they now serve. This selfless gesture reflects their commitment to the well-being and financial stability of Silver Lake.

The meeting covered a range of topics, including spending requests, monthly reports from department heads, approval of end-of-year transfers, CD reinvestment, and employee salary requests.

The atmosphere, though tense with uncertainty at first, quickly shifted to active engagement, open conversation, and a collective consideration of the best interests of the City of Silver Lake. As we start 2024 with our new Government officials, we look forward to witnessing their fresh perspectives and the positive impact on The City of Silver Lake.

Contributed by Liz Steckel

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