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Winds of Change: Silver Lake Welcomes New Leaders with Distinctive Visions

12/8/2023 9:06:00 AM

Silver Lake, December 8, 2023

In a whirlwind of an election season, the City of Silver Lake is gearing up for a transformative period as newly elected officials prepare to take their seats at the City Council table. With just one month elapsed since Election Day, Silver Lake residents have spoken, and their voices have ushered in a new era of leadership.

Meet Your Dynamic Trio:

Mayor-Elect Jonah Bishop: Leading the charge is Mayor-Elect Jonah Bishop. Bishop's goals for communication, transparency, team building and accountability align seamlessly with the community's vision for a more engaged and connected Silver Lake.

Councilmember Kenny Wade: Adding a spark of innovation to the City Council is Kenny Wade, currently serving as an Outreach Specialist in the Planning Branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, and assigned to the Environmental Protection Agency. With thirty-six years of federal service, including roles as Forestry Technician, Park Ranger, and Operations Project Manager, Wade's unique insights promise to contribute significantly to Silver Lake's growth.

Councilmember Michael Hamilton: Bringing a local touch with a global outlook is Councilmember Michael Hamilton. As a Physician Assistant in emergency departments, Hamilton's professional experience aligns with his commitment to boost civic pride and economic development in Silver Lake. His vision includes manageable improvements and increased community engagement.

Celebrating Civic Dedication:

The City of Silver Lake extends heartfelt congratulations to Mayor-Elect Jonah Bishop, Councilmember Kenny Wade, and Councilmember Michael Hamilton. Their willingness to undertake the responsibilities of civic duty has not gone unnoticed, and the city is poised to benefit from their passion and dedication.

Gratitude to All Candidates:

A resounding thank you echoes through Silver Lake, reaching all the candidates who participated in this eventful election. Their spirited debates, community forums, and genuine desire to shape the city's future have collectively laid the groundwork for the transformative period ahead.

Charting a Course Forward:

As these new leaders prepare to take their seats, the City of Silver Lake is eager to witness the positive changes and collaborative efforts that will define the next chapter in its development. With Mayor-Elect Jonah Bishop's commitment to communication, Councilmember Kenny Wade's wealth of federal service experience, and Councilmember Michael Hamilton's local-global perspective, the future of Silver Lake is undeniably in capable hands.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together, embracing the winds of change with optimism and a shared commitment to a brighter future for the City of Silver Lake. 

Contributed by Liz Steckel

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